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When buying Liners for the booties, what size of liners and booties should I buy?

Bootie Liners take up approximately 1 cm of space inside the Booties. We recommend sizing up if you're on the very edge of size measurement. If you're in the middle of the size or at the middle of the season, as the weather warms, not only will your

Are Stonz Booties waterproof?

We originally developed the Stonz Booties to fill a gap in a child's life when their feet are so chubby and flexible they don't fit into traditional hard-soled and inflexible footwear. We make Booties to keep cold out, wind out, and stay on when kids

Are the Baby Booties (size Small) suitable for walking?

Soft-soled shoes have been recommended by experts for developing feet because the flexibility allows them to grip, balance and stand with additional room inside their footwear. Stonz Booties feature an outer sole made with grippy SpliNOT™ material an

Is there a temperature rating for Stonz Booties?

While Stonz Booties have no official temperature rating, they are widely used in Northern Canada, Eastern North America, Scandinavia, and Finland. When paired with Stonz Bootie Liners, children can play in the snow for long periods and stay warm and

Are the Booties safe to use in the snow?

Yes! Our Booties are suitable for the snow as the soles are made of rubberized SpliNOT™ material, making them skid-resistant and water-resistant. To ensure that little feet will stay warm in the snow, we recommend purchasing the Liners with them as w

Is there a left and right Bootie?

Yes - there is a left and a right on the Toddler Bootie. Turn the booties upside down and check the soles to see the correct foot.

What is the best way to make sure my Booties last a long time?

Extending the life of your Booties can be achieved by fully depressing the toggle so the elastic casing will not become worn over time. Additionally, rinsing them each time your kids walk on ground that may have been in contact with road salts and ke

What is the best way to clean the Booties?

After exposure to road salt or dirt, flip the Booties inside out and toss them in the wash - Liners too! - on a gentle cycle. The Booties and Liners can either be air-dried or dried inside out in the dryer on no heat.

What's the difference between Booties and Puffer Booties?

Our classic Bootie is made of 400D Nylon and lined with the softest fleece. Our Puffer Booties have an extra layer of insulation covered with 100% Ripstop Nylon with a PU coating, making them warmer than the classic Bootie. When worn with Liners, the