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What makes Stonz Mitts so warm?

All Stonz Mitts are lined with 3M™ Thinsulate™ (150 grams per square meter of insulation), making them some of the warmest children's mittens on the market. This form of insulation offers superior warmth, is soft and breathable so your little one rem

Are Stonz Mitts 100% waterproof?

Yes! - Our Mitts are made up of wind-resistant coated 400D nylon shell, which keeps wind and snow out of the Mitts. All of our Mitts are also 100% waterproof!

Are the Baby Mitts as warm as Youth?

Both Baby and Youth Mitts have  3M™ Thinsulate™ technology on them. Because of that, our Mitts have gained popularity in Norway and northern Canada, and that's why we can vouch that our Mitts keep hands warm even in extreme winter conditions! Find mo

What is the best way to decide what size I pick for my child?

Measuring your child's hand from wrist to fingertip, then from elbow to fingertip is the best way to decide on the size. Then go to the Find my Size tool on the product page to ensure the perfect fit!. For Snow Mitts Baby - click here and go to the s

What is the difference between Baby and Kids Mitts?

Our Baby Mitts feature a no-thumb design for maximum warmth and easy-on. Our Kid Mitts have a thumb, Slip-Not® grip on palms, fleece nose wipe, and covers the arms - perfect for little noses in the cold weather!