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My order has been flagged for a fraud check, what does this mean?Updated 3 months ago

Due to high volumes of fraudulent charges we have received in the past, we want to make sure we are taking the steps to protect our customers as well as our company. 

We use a company called Beacon Fraud Protection, which reviews all orders that come through our system. If your order is flagged, it means some of the information on your order is suspicious or that your profile matches that of a similar fraud order we've previously seen. In most cases, the system might flag your order if you are using a credit card that has a billing address different from your shipping address or if the name on either is different than the billing details of your credit card. 

To proceed with your order, we do have to verify your information. Please call us at 1-866-397-8669 to speak to a Customer Service Specialist or send us an email to [email protected] that includes your order number with one or both items listed below: 

1. Piece of mail showing the Billing Name and address or;

2. A copy of the credit card statement showing the name and address that matches the purchaser.

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