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The website says my discount code entered was invalid. What now?Updated 3 months ago

If you are having issues with a promo code you received, first check that the promo code was entered correctly. Please also make sure when you're entering the promo code that there are no spaces on either end of the code. We recommend copying and pasting your unique code into the box. After you hit submit, your new subtotal should reflect the promo immediately.

Our promo codes can only be used once per customer, and only one code can be applied per order. Since codes can't be used at the same time or combined, only the first code entered will be applied.

If your promo code is still not working, please send us an email with the promo code and items you wish to purchase to [email protected].

*Please note that only promo codes provided by Stonz are valid. Any codes found through a third-party source will not work.

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